Register your Company for BBC Pitch

To use BBC Pitch, you will need to submit a request to register your business.  Please be aware of the eligibility criteria​ that will be used to guide approvals​​​.  If eligibility is not clearly met, registrations will be rejected.

Your company only needs to register once. You will receive a response by email within five working days of registering but during times of high registration volumes and staff availability due to the current situation with COVID-19, approval may take a little longer than expected.

If your registration application is accepted, you will then be able to create a new proposal, save your work in progress, view your submissions, see the feedback from BBC Commissioners and manage your account including setting up accounts for other users in your company.​

Each time you submit a proposal, it will be automatically logged with a unique reference number, which will then be emailed to you directly.

If you have a co-production proposal to submit to Storyville or completed programming for Factual Acquisitions, please go to their online submission system.​​

The Terms and Conditions below can also be found on the BBC's Commissioning website here.

Terms and Conditions for BBC Pitch


BBC Pitch is an online system to handle content proposals from independent and in-house producers, to enable efficient responses and idea development. BBC Pitch covers ideas for original network content on TV.


BBC Pitch is designed as a business-to-business system for professional UK Production Companies wishing to submit original content ideas. To submit an idea, Production Companies must pre-register at Your request for registration will be assessed against a pre-set list of registration criteria that is available on the BBC's Commissioning website at

The registration criteria will be reviewed annually by a review board against the BBC's registration criteria. Approval of the registration is at the BBC's discretion.

Using the System

Before submitting a proposal, please note that:

  • The BBC is a signatory to the Alliance for the Protection of Copyright Code, which sets out the behaviour of producers and broadcasters around the submission of ideas; [note the BBC is not responsible for the content of external websites].
  • Proposals can only be formally considered when submitted in the system by you. This does not preclude your normal creative conversations with commissioning teams. Proposals submitted need an appropriate level of detail (as detailed in the BBC's Code of Practice) in order for us to give your idea due consideration.
  • We will only engage in dialogue on ideas which interest us. Therefore you should ensure your initial proposal pitch on the system is as good a statement of your programme idea as possible.

The system has a number of security safeguards to ensure that ideas are only considered by the relevant commissioning team, and selected senior management in BBC Television.

BBC Pitch Terms

Please read the following terms (the "Terms") before submitting a content proposal (a "Proposal") through this BBC Pitch system (the "BBC Pitch").

By submitting a Proposal you, the production company, or individual or partnership with production related experience, ("You") agree with the British Broadcasting Corporation ("the BBC") to the Terms and that such Terms shall apply to the submission of Your Proposal.

You should nominate someone (the "Account Administrator") to maintain and update Your company information on BBC Pitch and to create, maintain and update the list of people authorised to submit and track Proposals on Your behalf (Your "Users"). This is the key contact added during registration. The BBC has appointed an administrator of BBC Pitch ("the System Administrator") contactable at

  1. Your Ownership of the Proposal
    You are the originator or owner of the Proposal and have the legal right to submit the Proposal to the BBC for consideration. Should the Proposal be taken forward by the BBC, the necessary warranties to this effect will need to be provided by You.
  2. Similarity of Proposals
    You and those granted to access to your account, acknowledge that the BBC receives a large number of ideas from different sources and may already be considering similar or identical ideas. You acknowledge that the BBC may be producing or may have already produced ideas similar to Your Proposal.
  3. Offensive Material
    The BBC reserves the right to delete any Proposals which are judged offensive, defamatory or libellous. The BBC also reserves the right to automatically reject a Proposal which is substantially incomplete or a duplicate.
  4. Consideration of the Proposal
    You accept that the BBC may discuss any Proposals with its employees in commissioning, marketing and channel/service management, in order to evaluate its suitability for the BBC.
    Any Proposal submitted may be considered for any BBC public service (as defined under the BBC's Charter) and is not limited to those services identified on the original Proposal.
    The BBC may transfer data from Your Proposal onto internal IT systems for further consideration in the development and commissioning process.
  5. The BBC's Intellectual Property Rights
    By considering Proposals, the BBC shall not adversely affect any copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights it may already have or which it may seek to assert in the future.
  6. Sending Your Proposal to an appropriate commissioning team
    If a Proposal is submitted which is not suitable for the receiving commissioning team they may, in rejecting it, suggest a more appropriate commissioning team to consider it, for you to submit your idea to.
  7. Retention of Proposals & Physical Materials
    Your Proposal will be archived once a final decision is taken (i.e. approve/reject). After this point it will be archived and maintained in a dormant format until such time that there is no longer a business need to retain the Proposal. After such time the Proposal will be destroyed, in order to meet the BBC's regulatory reporting requirements and in case of any complaint. Whilst archived in this form, full details of the Proposal can be accessed via the BBC's Admin Support team by Yourself and BBC senior management. It cannot be re-activated in any form without written permission from You or re-submission by You as a new Proposal.
    The BBC is not obliged to return physical materials (including but not limited to tapes, electronic files, scripts and DVDs) submitted with Your Proposal and it is Your sole responsibility to keep duplicates of any materials submitted to the BBC.
    If Your Proposal is not commissioned, any associated physical materials may be archived by the commissioning teams and/or destroyed.
    If any materials that You submit are original materials (i.e. materials which cannot be duplicated) You should identify this when You submit them. If You request their return within a reasonable period of any rejection of the Proposal (which would usually be considered to be one month from notification) the BBC will use its reasonable endeavours to return them to You.
  8. Liability
    The BBC cannot accept any responsibility or liability for any damage, loss, injury or disappointment suffered by You as a result of Your submission of the Proposal.
    In addition, the BBC is not responsible for any problems or technical malfunction of the BBC Pitch System (including but not limited to telephone networks or lines, computer systems or equipment, servers, system providers, software failure or traffic congestion on the internet, telephone lines or at any website, or that this BBC Pitch System will be uninterrupted or free of viruses or bugs) and/or any injury or damage to Your or any other person's computer or mobile telephone through Your use of this BBC Pitch System.
    You should ensure that Your Proposals and Registration requests are submitted in good time for any commissioning deadlines. The BBC cannot be held responsible if a failure of the BBC Pitch System results in a Proposal missing a deadline.
  9. Variation
    The BBC may change these Terms at any time by posting changes online. Please review these Terms regularly to ensure You are aware of any changes made by the BBC. Your continued use after changes are posted means You agree to be legally bound by these Terms as updated and/or amended.
  10. Data Protection
    The BBC shall process any personal data submitted via this website in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Any personal details submitted on this website will be processed by the BBC for the purpose of Proposal tracking administration and consideration of Proposals. As part of this administration, personal data supplied may be recorded on to the BBC's internal production company databases to ensure that the BBC's contact records are accurate and up to date.
    The BBC has taken and will continue to take all reasonable technical and organisational security measures to keep Users' personal data secure and to prevent the unlawful and unauthorised processing of personal data.
  11. Account Privileges
    The BBC reserves the right to remove Your account on BBC Pitch in the event that it is judged that the system or account is being misused. It is your Account Administrator's responsibility to make sure that only authorised Users are added and use Your account and that You have authorised the submission of Proposals submitted to the BBC through Your account.
    Account Administrators and Users are responsible for maintaining the privacy and secrecy of their account details and passwords. If they suspect that security has been compromised (such as unauthorised access or a password being discovered) they should contact the System Administrator immediately.
  12. Freedom of Information Act
    Please be aware that the BBC is subject to the Freedom of Information ("FOIA") Act 2000 and it is possible that the BBC may be legally obliged to disclose information provided by You in response to FOIA requests. Wherever reasonably possible the BBC will consult with You in advance of the disclosure of any such information.
  13. Legal Jurisdiction
    These Terms shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and are subject to the jurisdiction of the English courts.
    If You have any complaints about the BBC Pitch System, these Terms, or any issues related to the BBC's commissioning processes generally, please refer to our complaints process which is detailed here.
  14. Application of these Terms
    These Terms are deemed to apply to any idea discussed with or submitted to the BBC, and are not limited to Proposals submitted via this BBC Pitch System.

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